This year, in the UK tour, Joey Tempest enjoyed reuniting with an effervescent audience, eager to rejoice and review the idols "alive".

After the release of Europe's 11th album, the group has made a remarkable world tour this year, all over the world. Europe has enjoyed the international audience's appreciation, and the efforts made since the filming, recording and studio activity have been fully rewarded. Distinctions and applause of the audience are the truest proofs of these relentless artists.

"It is always amazing for us when we play in the UK and Ireland and it is a special moment for me to be here", said the singer. 
Since the artist is married to a wonderful British lady, these places have become so familiar to the performer, especially since his family and friends from here doesn't miss any concert. 

 "Hopefully there`ll be lots of friends and family at the show. People are very open and friendly and they love their Hard Rock up there. I love playing in Newcastle".

The band played at Royal Albert Hall, when they did even some promo, the days before the concert. So, it was an incredible place and an excellent choice to perform there. 

 "I was talking to the guys and we were all saying how special it will be to play there.  We grew up seeing that Deep Purple had played there with an orchestra and a lot of other people have played there like Eric Clapton, as well as all of the classical concerts so it has a great history".
Over the years, the group has collaborated with many producers and artists, favoring the way to an expected success. From this point of view, Joey Tempest thinks: 
"I really enjoy putting stuff together but we all contribute and all come up with ideas that we work on together.  It`s great team work". We've been working even with Chris Difford from Squeeze; I`ve known Chris for many years and we worked together on a couple of my solo albums.  We got to know each other and he had a studio in Devon and I was there doing some stuff and we met there.  He is such a fantastic lyricist and sometimes when I`m working of specific lyrics in a song I think that it`d be great to have Chris on board so there were a couple of songs where I knew he`d be great to work with him and we co-wrote The Siege and Kingdom United Together".

Regarding the latest Walk the Earth album, Joey explains: "Siege" has a connection with the French Revolution, and the "Kingdom United" refers to the Magna Carta and the struggle for democracy.

"I just wanted to write about those subjects as they are of interest to me.  I was thinking about a concept album but didn`t really want to do that so that`s why there`s songs like GTO on there to move away from the more serious themes to give the album more balance and I realise that we are entertainers too so I didn`t want to get too deep into the serious stuff.  I think you can touch upon those serious political matters but didn`t want the whole album to be that serious".

And in the future, after finalizing the concerts scheduled this year, the band will take a deserved vacation for Christmas and will continue the following year to reach some other countries with the well-known album  "WALK THE EARTH" : 

"We head over to Europe and will do Italy and Spain and play all over for a month.  We go home for Christmas and next year we`ll do more touring as Walk The Earth still has legs and we want to play that for more people.  We`ll also write next year and will start recording our next album in 2020 and then do more touring to support that".

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