Europe's world tour begins this year with a sensational  concert in Gran Canaria Spain. The band will be performing on March 22nd, their first show  for this year. Spanish fans will have the chance to see their idols on the big stage in Las Palmas, where the big hits of their latest album, "WALK THE EARTH" will  be heard once again among the audience  ovations. "The Siege", "Election Day" or "Turn to Dust" are just a few of the songs on the album released in 2017 that will make the delight of the band's show .

The next Spanish tour will be in Tenerife, where on Saturday, March 23, El Estadio del Penon will resound in the unmistakable sounds of the band's  tunes. The concerts  will be surely awesome with  Japan's turn to host a series of concerts in Kawasaki in the Citta Club. Thus, April promises to the Japanese a Walk the Earth tour's concerts very spectacular.
On April, 13th 2019 , the guys  announce  to celebrate
Record Store Day  by releasing a limited edition 7”of (A) “Walk The Earth” and (AA) “Turn To Dust (Single Edit)”. This rare double “A” side will be pressed on transparent vinyl with a special collectible Europe zip pouch, available exclusively in this unique Record Store Day only release. 
Europe world tour will go on in Hungary, with the Open Road Festival, where the fans will hum the songs  from the last album  alongside the Swedish masters. So, on June 8th, Europe will  perform  in Alsóörs and we expect an incendiary concert.  Joey Tempest and his band mates  promise a great show,  on the already familiar rhythms of the well-known Heavy Metal tunes as Walk the Earth or The Siege. 

Fuengirola Spain, will say present with the comeback of the guys in this country, on Friday 14 June, during the Rock The Coast Festival. The band's tour gets this year also in Finland, on June 29, when  Raasepoori Festival Karjaa will host a sensational show  of Joey Tempest alongside his band mates: John Norum, John Leven, Mic Michaeli and Ian Haugland. July also offers to the  fans a pleasant surprise  in Zitadelle, Berlin,  during a single concert on July 2. The Czech Republic and Austria are two last countries that will finish, so far  the concerts and the world tour of EUROPE this year.
So, all we have to do is to wish to our band  another great year around its audience and fans around the world. We wish you  good luck boys in your projects and  succeed your year with amazing shows, as usual.

Content processed and adapted by Raluka Julieta, wm