Updated, November, 23, 2019

 This site is known by the Europe crew and Europe team:  Ace Trump as manager (Siren Management and Europe's first manager and his partners). However, the site does NOT bear the official signature of Joey Tempest himself. It doesn't  intend to represent Joey Tempest as official but to promote his career, his activity as musician, singer, songwriter and frontman of the Swedish band Europe.

As you know, certainly and as specified on the official website of the band Europe, at this moment Joey Tempest alongside with his mate Mic Michaeli  have no official pages on social networks, or personal websites. This site is created from a huge passion for the singer, while respecting the private life and personal elements of his activity. This site is dedicated and made available to its many fans, being published without restrictions on race, religion, origin.

  The site intends to promote Joey Tempest as a musician and his work. As administrator of this site, I undertake to respect the private life of the singer Joey Tempest, the band Europe, as the crew and to respect the international norms regarding the content. This website illustrates the transparency and veracity of the information in the content.
My name - Raluka Julieta,the webmaster of this site,  passionate about the World Wide Web, journalist, web editor; HTML and CSS languages skills, responsible for Facebook pages:





Out of respect for Joey Tempest, Europe and management crowd, the website guarantees to provide relevant and truthful information from official sources only (Europe Official pages & Siren Artist Management and crowd).

This website does not tolerate any messages or information that could harm the image and activity of the band. Any deviation from these norms will be recorded and stopped.

The site is hosted in France and it is the only location. The site can be accessed from worldwide without restrictions, but with strict security rules. There are no dangers or problems regarding the simple access to the Site or regarding the opening of the pages. For any other information and details, the webmaster remains available to everyone. Thank you for the understanding. I wish you all Good Navigation




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