MARCH, 23, 2018

At the end of the last year, at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the group was recording the latest album, "Walk The Earth", with producer David Cobb – the same to  produce the group's 2015 album, "War Of Kings".

Joey said that it wasn’t for the first time to work with him, so they appreciated so much his talent.
“By experiencing 'War Of Kings' with Dave, we realized we wanted to work with him again, so we asked him, 'Would you like to work with us again?' He said, 'Yes. Where are we recording?' I said, There's an opening in the U.K”.
 Joey has been trying to get the band to the U.K. since 'Out Of This World' in 1988. “There's an opening at Abbey Road,' and everybody sort of listened up and said, 'Oh. All right. Well, yes — we will come to you this time, Joey”.
 The band recorded in Abbey Road, the eleventh album – during on an amazing journey and adventure, learning about recording techniques, trying to work with the best producers, engineers, studios...  etc.
In this context, Joey Tempest said:  “there's so much to learn as a band. It's not just improving — which is the most important thing — improving your playing and writing and lyrics, but also to preserve and record rock and roll the best way possible. We're kind of nerdy with all that stuff, so Abbey Road was amazing. We have preamps that John Lennon preferred; the compressors that I preferred, we have consoles that THE BEATLES recorded a lot of their albums through, etc”.
For Europe “WALK THE EARTH" it's sort of a miracle album. It became a great collection in the end with some working in the democracy themes, and some just being rock and roll lyrics. We pushed everything we could. Everybody contributed with the writing, including Dave Cobb. It was truly healthy." 
Joey is convinced that there was never any question of looking at what anybody else thought the band should do. All the decisions EUROPE has made – as a group - were without outside influence. “So all the decisions are in dressing rooms, in rehearsal, and we have chosen the labels to work with. We own our music. We have chosen the studios, the producers. I think we've never even looked at the landscape thinking, 'Oh, no. This is not going to work. We have to do this instead".
They haven't even tailored anything- everything being organic. They simply go back into a new studio with a new set of thinking, like -  “this is going to be a new journey. Let's push the boundaries and go for it.' Maybe that's the secret why we're still here. Maybe it's because we're just pushing and not listening to outside influence — just pushing our own thing, and enjoying it. And enjoying it with the fans, too. They seem to join us — new ones, and they stay with us. There's some controversy some time, because we try things, we push things a bit, but in the long run, that makes us all come together, I think."
What about of recording another solo album? Actually, nowadays, working with EUROPE  is very exciting, and it's also friends from teenage years. It is absolutely wonderful to can work and tour with people you know.
“When I did some solo tours, it was with other musicians, and it was great and inspiring, but there's something special about people you know. But it's not impossible. Obviously, I have songs and ideas lying around from years and years, and maybe it's possible to bring something up again or write something new, but I don't know. It's nothing in the cards now, and nothing that I'm planning right now."


Content processed and adapted by Raluka Julieta, wm