Hello all of you, please sign Joey Tempest guestbook!!!!!!

 Aline Carvalho, November 19, 2020:

Hello Joey! my name is Aline, i'm brazilian, super fan of europe and mainly your fan 🤩🤩 your songs are eternal, i can't get enough of listening to them!
a big hug from someone who admires you a lot

 oleg синеокий, November 11, 2020:  

Hi, Joey! I beg you to write a few lines as a wish to readers and your fans. It will be a great honor for me.
It's a my newly double-book about secrets of Vinyl Planet - about a cosmic rock history (and not only). The two volums entitled «Titanism» and «Coma Berenices» includes 20 essays about the progressive bands from USA, UK, Norway, France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Italy, ex-Yugoslavia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Israel, Australia, Asian & African Countries... Besides the readers will meet with advances in the technology restoration of the sound records, some new releases and re-releases on heavy-weight 180g vinyl, the unique bootlegs and sound rarities, recording in lockdown (ROCKDOWN) & more... Summarized and brought together facts and information of life and activity of the interesting projects will shed light on many unknown before details of these bands participants activity. The readers are being offered not only chronicles of the favorite bands but a detailed chronology of events connected with every member of the band. Reference and analytical materials collected during the process of many years research are presented in non-academic and sometimes un-expected interpretation. Author sometimes does lyrical digressions to the side: data presentation from the history of cosmonautics and geography (do not be surprised) and to speak out about clarification of the musicians biographies and rock bands discographies. And finally the last argument. Many people think that we all know rock history very well and all the main facts of biography and significant positions from life of favorite bands are revealed in most detailed interviews, articles and books or you could find them on the Internet. But that is not true: not all the secrets are promulgated yet, not all closed pages are read, not all significant events are set and not all facts are reviewed. That means that theme is still alive. Supernovae emit so much new sound, energy and light... Long Live Rock in Space!
Official release of book in the end of 2020.

Dear Joey! You can, in addition to the wishes for the readers, write whatever you think is necessary. I am a big fan of your creativity (EUROPE is one of my favourite band).
I am waiting for your reply, there is still time (because of COVID-19, I suspended the publication of the book a little)

Write to this my e-mail Thanks. Best wishes, Dr. Oleg Sineokij, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine, 54 years old

P.S. It's a demo-version of book and short summary (on 3 files). I'm very waiting for your answer!

Anja, September 6, 2020:

In my teenage years,he was my great hero.Growing older I kept their music 
always with me.Now I'm going through a very difficult time and again they 
ease my troubled mind and give me some rest listening to their beautiful 
music,thanks gyes for everything,love you all


Håkan, May 15, 2020:

Hej, Satt precis och lyssnade på din skiva A Place to Call Home och skulle bara
vilja säga att det är en av de bästa album jag har lyssnat på genom tiderna. Trevlig Helg

LOULOU BONOU, December 9, 2019: 

Hi Joey
I have been listening to your songs since the 80's when I was a teenager.
I like you very much. Am from Morocco. Why don't you make a concert in Morocco-rabat. There is an international music festival in Morocco called MAWAZIN taking place each year in the period April- May -June. Come over here, you are the best. Hugs,Laila

Bonjour. Merci de m’accueillir sur votre site. J'aime JOEY TEMPEST
I congratulate you on your new site I hope it is a success.

On Outside Heaven: All the songs on this album are beautiful. I love listening to it. But this song makes me want to listen to it again and again❤;
Watching your photos is a great pleasure for me 😉I love your music. I am looking forward to your concerts in my country. I hope you will visit Poland in the next 2020

Marianna Triantafyllou/16 mai 2018 à 12 h 02 min:

Hello Webmaster, I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful website; I couldn't expect less, since it is dedicated to a great singer... an amazing performer... a unique artist, Mr. Joey Tempest!! Keep up the good work .. Best wishes, Marianna Triantafyllou / Lawyer Athens, Hellas
The most astonishing, active, musical volcano named... Europe erupted on May 12th, 2018 in Boyolali. The Band's fervor and passion was ejected as... lava at Stadium Pandan Arang. The Indonesian audience's wish has been granted; all those lucky people, who attended the Volcano Rock Festival, got loads of positive vibes from five music revolutionaries! And now... Australia welcomes Europe...The Band enthusiastically. Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane are READY, and it sounds REALLY exciting!

Karine/5 mars 2018 à 17 h 20 min:

this website beautiful site from europe thank
WHAT DO YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT JOEY OR EUROPE?yes my favorite singer Joey tempest from europe me souvenirs the final countdown oh yes my favorite song
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG OF JOEY OR THE BAND?me favorite song oh final countdown carrie rock the night

 Allenda Simpson/ 29 avril 2018 à 3 h 24 min:

I don’t know if this is just a fan site, or if it is in anyway connected to Joey Tempest, but I’ve just found and heard “Superhuman” and don’t understand why, this and all his other music is not on iTunes. What happened? This is one of the most beautiful, heartfelt songs I’ve ever heard, and would not have heard it were it not for YouTube.
I know America may not be your “thing” but you’ve got lots of fans here. Not all of us are into rap, and pop exclusively. So, give it some thought as to how all his and Europe’s songs can be available in every medium.
“You better believe in something before you go…”
WHAT DO YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT JOEY OR EUROPE?: They are awesome and underrated. Love their songs, love their work ethic, love that they are humble.

KARINE/ 4 mars 2018 à 10 h 01 min:

Comments: je suis karine et j'aime europe depuis longtemps
WHAT DO YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT JOEY OR EUROPE?: Joey est le meilleur une voix sublime je lui dit merci a toi Joey tous les moments de bonheur mes souvenirs oh thank to you joey
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG OF JOEY OR THE BAND?: carrie open your heart the final countdow rock the nigh tsupersitious

URSULA/ 3 mars 2018 à 2 h 17 min:

Comments: Hi there. To you all guys. I saw your performance in The Viña Festival in Chile. Was really nice. I travel back to my childhood. I really felt so nostalgic. I use to live there, now I live in Ireland. Love all you songs and is great to see you haven't change that much. Meaning, your essence remain intact. As a child, back in 1990, I only got to know your Ballads. It was a total discovery to me now to realise you are actually a proper rock metal band. Ha ha. Now I like you even more! Hope you come to Ireland soon. If you come, please, come to Galway. All the best!! and God bless ya!
WHAT DO YOU REALLY THINK ABOUT JOEY OR EUROPE?: I absolutely love Joey. Obviously he is the front of the group so I don't really know that much about the others (sorry guys) I would love to see them taking more in the interviews. I would like to get to know just a little bit of them. You know, to know if they are real human beings. Did they alway dream about being musicians? What do they parents think about it? Are they married? With kids? What do they think about it? Do their wives send them to buy the bread if need it? do they have a dog? or are you completely living in an other planet?
WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SONG OF JOEY OR THE BAND?: With out a doubt "Open your heart"

Carla D. Kroth:

How are You People? How are You Joey? Take care of yourself. Keep going to your doctor and take care of your health.
If I where there I would attend You myself.
I wish You good health and God bless You.
Always in my heart.
Kisses to Joey.


Cheers! Congratulations! The new album is great.


Estou muito satisfeito em abordá-lo através deste meio. Considere
Essa abordagem é muito importante. Eu sou Monica Brown, exército dos
EUA, eu tenho muito
Uma proposição crucial e interessante que eu gostaria. Responda
Retornar ao meu e-mail Uma vez que eu leio esta mensagem, ouço de você em breve.


Você recebeu a proposta que eu enviei para você ou devo reenviar,
responda-me imediatamente se sim ou não.


I sent a message to you before which i am still waiting for your
respones please do reply me


Joey, I want to congratulate You for your beautiful work on this new Album with your Band Europe.
I really loved your songs and your voice is amasing.
Thank You for the opportunity of sending You this message. For a long time I had been wanting to send You messages and I didn't know how.
Thanks for the webmaster. Your site is so beautiful.
Joey, is difficult not to fall in love with You. Every picture of You that I see I fall in love with You again.
Sometimes I think that You are like a dream.
You are so beautiful, sweet and lovely!
I also want to tell You so many things, but this is just the first e-mail that I send to You.
There will be much more very soon.
I want to receive your messages too. I hope that You like my messages. If You like I'll keep sending You...


Hi i was told by my friend that Europe fans can send emails here and they can be read by Joey Tempest himself.
I think she might of misunderstood something she read or someone told her that, i'm not really sure.
I just wanted to know if that's true.
Can people really send mails here so Joey tempest can read them?
Thank you


Hi, hear I am. I said very soon, hehehe
When I hear music I apreciate the song and I always try to understand the message in lyrics and also the message behind the lyrics.
In your website I was reading the lyrics of the musics that You posted.
It's about a life. Yes, a life full of emotion, friendchip, love, sadness, tears, fears... A very intense and amasing life! I am very excited on reading all this things. There are so many people in the world and You, Joey, are so different and deep in your feelings... I understand You.
People with your intelligence and sensibility suffer more than others.
When You are an artist, poetrist, musician, lover You feel very deep all the things. And the most part of the people feel only superficially. But it is amasing. To have the capacity of feeling deep, loving, sometimes hating is an amasing Grace.
And I sad that You are beautiful and your picture off hallowen is also beautiful. You are amasing just the way You are.
The webmaster said that was kissing one of your pictures, hehehe, nice.
Ok, for today It is Ok. I'll keep seeing You... Still loving You...

Jesús Showy/ 9 juin 2017 à 23 h 18 min: 

Thanks for accept in your web site i will be with you forever.

Ivonete Soares Ribeiro :Your history is beautiful! The wings of tomorow has come and It's here. You was part of my youth. I'm happy in to know about shows . The tours in november 2016. My country ,Brazil exist. It to have problems, but we to get very well. Excuse me for Englis. I'm learning now. I'd like your band here. I'm not power. Undepend me. Thank very much to leave me to make in your site. I love EUROPE!!!!!!

Carla Nicole:  

He's just so loveable. How can you not love him? And he's a great lyricist 💓💓

Jesús Showy :

Thanks for accept in your web site i will be with you forever.
zahra says:
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Joaquina Gómez Lopez says:
  • says:12 February 2017 at 1 h 04 min EditHello Joaquina, thank you so much for your word and also, thank you so much for coming visit our website. Please stay tuned, there will be more news and informations to come. We are open for all details and suggestions. Cheers 🙂 webmasterLike

Begoña puertas rojo says:
Ivone Silva says:
  • florence bertauxsays:

  • 29 April 2017 at 18 h 36 min EditHello joey, I wanted to tell you that I always admire you after all these years. I hope you will read me and maybe I will answer, I would be so happy. big kisses from France
Petia T.says:
Patricia says: 21 May 2017 at 23 h 06 min: 



ELisa aLOV  says:
ELisa aLOV says:

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Elena Martinez says:
Olen Riina says:
  • Ivonete Soares Ribeiro da Silva says: 
  • 26 December 2016 at 1 h 03 min  

  • Joey, MERRY CHRISTMAS for you and your family. For next year I wish for you a good luck!nd
  • I hope you play a lot of shows with: John , Michelle , Elevén , Ian , and Joey!
Elena Martinez says:

Hola Favor enviar letra de NOT SUPPOSED TO SING THE BLUES  THANKS2016-12-19 21:13 GMT-03:00 JOEY TEMPEST :

Elena Martinez says:
Elena Martinez says:

 Linda Kleinman : 

 Love the band. All excellent musicians.