The band's evolution was followed this year with the latest album, where its leader, Joey Tempest just held the heights. We're all wondering what's coming next year, what plans the band has, what are Joey's plans for his career in the future. 
His fans also expect a new solo album, among others, but it does not seem to prefigure any plan for this project.
I'm really happy at the moment of our last three records, I think we're on a really interesting and fun trip, right now I'm not thinking of anything like that but it's not impossible to do another album one day or play with some friends or do something else. It will not happen soon because we are having too much fun.
The last recorded albums brought to the band the gratitude and respect of the audience. No wonder the number of concerts has increased considerably in recent years.

Now we have more experience, a deeper expression, we are slightly more blues and soul ... Maybe we are better musicians, we have turned a lot and we have performed thousands of concerts. In addition, today we record records more live. We do not fix them so much, we are more spontaneous. We are also more experienced and have a different expression. We were young in the eighties and nineties. We were looking for our way. We had a great time, we did the best we could, ha ha. The second period is great because we own our music, we control our tours, we have a company that runs everything. We make all the decisions in the dressing room. It's great to have the power.

The band's front man - Joey Tempest will never renege on everything that The Final Countdown gave them and recognizes that they were years in which they greatly enjoyed. But it is clear that the pop world, in which they also caused a revolution, is much more volatile and unstable than rock, where they feel more comfortable.

But still, what it will be next after the great album "WALK THE EARTH"?

The album was received positively by the audience, so this year the tour will continue to other lands, where the band will concert and promote the latest album released on the market for the first time in 2017 - "Walk the Earth". 
It has been great. And we want to keep spinning with this record because it's good. We enjoy it. We played five songs from the new album. We have recently started to incorporate Turn To Dust and Pictures into the repertoire. It's a pleasure, we really like this album, said Joey. 

Yes, indeed, Walk The Earth is a very interesting album; diverse and varied.
We have a lot of fun playing it because it is different from the rest of the material. 
The band has evolved significantly through frequent appearances and world tours, and the band's experience is easy to spot. One thing is certain: in the ruthless world of contemporary rock, it is not enough just to be talented if luck and accumulated experience (2 determinant factors in the current showbiz) are not on your side.
We are currently in the rock community, which is what we like. To become a very big band was a bit strange, because we are a group of guitars. Those years of The Final Countdown and Out Of This World were a bit weird because we appeared on posters and in the pop music scene. And really pop music was not our thing. Now we are very comfortable getting very good reviews and we even won a Grammis award in Sweden. We had never achieved it before, and we have achieved it with Walk The Earth. Classic Rock magazine says we're making our best albums now ... Being part of the rock community and being respected, that's what we love. The world of pop is very variable, you can not trust it; You can trust the rock community.
And so what it comes next?

We are going to compose next year. Of course, we write all the time but not in a serious way. We only collect some ideas. Next year we will compose and rotate. We will tour more for new territories than in Europe, although we may do festivals. We are going to record the next album at the beginning of 2020.

Content processed and adapted by Raluka Julieta, wm