As a retrospective of the current year, about Europe's concerts and performances, we could say without doubt everything is Superlative. Europe along with his charismatic lead singer has shone from all points of view; audience, sales, concerts, etc. Europe, the legendary band has made great strides with remarkable progress comparable to the young years; if their songs were more melodic, and the lyrics more simplistic, they are now powerful due to the remarkable force of the contemporary Rock, the originality of the orchestration and the deep sound of the last successful album " WALK THE EARTH". Joey Tempest, the gorgeous singer of the Swedish band, is always ready to bring news from the band, bringing up the latest news from their concerts and tours of the year that is just over.

"I think that Europe seems to be in a perennial musical journey: this time, to move forward and beyond all we have done in the past, we have decided to take you into a time machine, recording an album also recorded using vintage instruments and equipment in the legendary Abbey Studios in London".
Recalling the last album "Walk the Earth", the singer tells us how everything started and where the warm sound comes. "A few years ago we recorded the album "Bag Of Bones",  and with that record we said goodbye to the past and we moved to the future, since then we have recorded in the best studios, with the best engineers of the sound because we wanted the rock'n'roll to be recorded in the best possible way, not too modern, not too plastic, not too metallic, it needed it to be warm, full of expression". It seems that the band has continued this rhythm so far as the concerts exploded and the fans seemed to be getting bigger. Not only "Bag of Bones" has been recorded alongside famous producers, but also "War of Kings", along with the great producer Dave Cobb (the producer of the new album), intelligent and prepared on the equipment and recording techniques has seen an expected success. It seems more than ever that Europe has missed its target and never missed it.

As for the last album "Walk The Earth", it  was a very spontaneous and organic record, Europe members  have written the music for 3-4 months, they have had generally a productive collaboration between them with changing ideas, had written  the lyrics, sounds and then they recorded it quickly.  There were so many ideas, also for the texts, and once entering in the studio, very immediately, they were very excited about what went out. "We have been told that it is one of our best albums but, again, it was very spontaneous, composed by everyone and with many ideas come to the studio, even to our producer, in a very creative atmosphere inside the Abbey Studios".said Joey Tempest. Joey Tempest, very contemplative, thinks that music is coming closer to the world and that through music, people re closer."
"I think that music helps the songs and the way you want to make them, for example, when we played the songs to Dave Cobb, the producer, he came up with ideas on how to approach the recording. Many ideas came to the recording studio, it was a combination of the songs and the amazing talent of Dave Cobb in recording that he created the sound and even the sound engineer was a great help, the Abbey Road studios are very modern".

Despite the crisis the world has been making in recent years, the music industry is rebounding, and the rock's edge is more pronounced. The secret is generally to believe in what you are doing. How would the future stand out in the vision of Europe, of course in the music field and in their current career.
"I think it was perfect for this album but we did not plan it, we do not design an album, the only thing we plan is to choose great people to work with or work on big equipment, we choose to work in a great atmosphere but the rest depends on the moment, the luck and the spontaneous ideas we have, it's exciting to make these albums so fast".

The intention of launching  the album Walk the Earth  tends to unite the people and giving a wave of hope to the world, singing for the people is the right way to do this is what Europe try to do and they do it right. The proof lies in the power of the lyrics, in the texts of the new songs on the last album "Walk The Earth", songs like:"Election Day" that are funny, "Kingdom United" about old England, the old United Kingdom, "Turn To Dust" is interesting too, it's about philosophy on life and death, "it is difficult for me to be the judge, all the songs have their particular  vibrations".  There are also new elements in Europe's philosophy on life, the release of the single "The Siege", where French  Revolution is presented as the main subject and this model of a modern democracy is like a new hope for the humanity. Also the video for "The Siege", has once again great atmosphere, being very expressive and profound. "Before starting it all I wanted to find out how modern democracy was born and where it is going and "The Siege" ended up being part of this concept, a sort of photograph taken during the French revolution, which had effects on the whole of Europe, on the world, we thought it was a great event and it was interesting to write a song like that".
A wonderful year ends for the band Europe, waiting for the new challenges for the next year. We are waiting here and forever, hoping to see you growing more and more as you have accustomed us to.

Content processed and adapted by Raluka Julieta, wm